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Hearing wraps up for Wayne Central school board members facing removal

Two Wayne County school board members had a hearing into their alleged misconduct that wrapped up on Tuesday.

Both hearings for Wayne Central School District board members Steve Gallaher and Dennis Landry wrapped up Tuesday morning. The hearings could have potentially lasted until Wednesday but were combined to save time.

Back in September of 2018, Gallaher and Landry went into the now-closed Freewill Elementary School. Gallaher said he was checking on the property and found an unlocked door. When the men went inside, it triggered an alarm. Police didn’t file any charges for the incident.

However, the district filed misconduct charges against the men. But, Gallaher and Landry believe conflicts on the school board are the true reason behind the complaint.

“We agree and disagree on some of the things with the superintendent and that goes to the heart of the matter… There are issues we have with some of the things he’s said and done and that’s why this is being brought about, we believe,” said Landry.

Written summation will be submitted by next week. A decision by the hearing officer will come next month with a recommendation on further action. The Wayne school board will make the final decision on whether or not to remove the Gallagher or Landry.
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