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Canandaigua undertakes new measures to tackle drug use

Students who attend Canandaigua Academy and are caught with e-cigarettes are facing new consequences.

Vaping isn't allowed on campus. But, beginning this month, e-cigarettes are being tested for marijuana.

Canandaigua Central School District leaders made the decision to test vaping devices in an effort to tackle drug use and curb vaping, which the FDA and CDC are calling an epidemic.

To protect students from exposure to chemicals, nicotine – and, in some cases, marijuana – Canandaigua Academy is using test kits to check confiscated e-cigarettes or Juul devices.

Phoebe Durham, a junior at the high school, said she's in support of the measure.

"It's probably a good idea since it's not safe for kids," she said.

Superintendent Jamie Farr said the district provides the testing kits, which work quickly to determine if a device contains the presence of THC.

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