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NY Sen. Bob Antonacci ‘pretty comfortable’ Auburn prison won’t close

New York officials haven’t announced which prisons will close this year, but state Sen. Bob Antonacci is optimistic about the fate of Auburn Correctional Facility.

Antonacci, R-Onondaga, told The Citizen Tuesday that he doesn’t believe Auburn and other maximum security prisons will be closed by the state.

The state budget approved by lawmakers Monday allows Gov. Andrew Cuomo to close up to three state correctional facilities this year. The state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision will conduct a review of its 54 prisons and determine which should close.

Facility security level is among the factors DOCCS will consider when evaluating its prisons. Other factors include programs available for inmates and the potential reuse of the prison property.

Auburn Correctional Facility is one of the oldest prisons in the U.S. With 700 employees, it is the second to only Auburn Community Hospital as the largest employer in Cayuga County.

Antonacci said he’s had conversations with correctional officers at the Auburn prison. If the prison closed, he’s aware that it would have a major impact on the local economy.

“I am not, at this point, worried that Auburn is on the chopping block,” he continued. “I’m pretty comfortable that this will not affect our district.”

The Citizen:
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