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Cayuga County February jobless rate at historic low

Cayuga County’s unemployment rate in February was higher than the rest of the state and nation, but it was nonetheless historically low.

A 5.0 percent jobless rate last month for the county was the lowest mark for any February going back to when the state Department of Labor began posting monthly numbers for the county, which was in 1990. The state released its preliminary February 2019 figures this week.

The county’s rate last month did lag behind the state (4.4 percent) and national (4.1 percent) unemployment levels. Those figures were not adjusted for typical season fluctuations.

The county’s February numbers resulted from an annual drop of 400 unemployed residents, which totaled 1,800 for the month. The number of employed residents was unchanged at 33,800.

Cayuga County’s unemployment rate for the month ranked 32nd lowest out of 62 counties in the state. Nassau County’s 3.5 percent mark was the lowest, while Hamilton County had the highest rate at 8.2 percent.

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