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Skaneateles school board considering different tax levies

The Skaneateles Central School District Board of Education is considering three different possible tax levies.

The district discussed the three options at a board meeting Tuesday. The three options are 2-percent, 2.68-percent — which the district recommends the board choose — and 3.22-percent, which is equal to the district's tax cap given by the state.

Cuts under the 2.68-percent option include a reduction of 2.5 full-time equivalents in instructional staff, with one full-time equivalent that would be done through attrition and would not be replaced, and a position of a full-time person who is retiring this year but will be returning part-time next year. Additionally, one full-time equivalent of another staff position would be cut.

District Superintendent Lynda Quick said after the meeting that cut under this model wouldn't be identified until after the board chose that option. She talked about some of the other factors that went into devising that option.

'We have made several other adjustments and cuts and really been very careful with our budgeting to try and cut back other materials as far as equipment expenses, professional development expenses to try to get us down to this 2.68-percent without cutting other staff," Quick said during the meeting.

Cuts under the 2-percent option include 3.5 full-time equivalents in instructional staff and two full-time equivalents in other staff positions. Other cuts would include reductions in professional development, the equipment budget and the materials and supplies budget, Quick said.

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