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Family Game Night at Newark school draws crowd of nearly 200

Family Game Night at Kelley School March 7th was a big hit again this year with about 200 people attending.

Planned by a group of Kelley School teachers, it featured lots of fun activities tailored to promote spending time together as a family. Several staff members graciously helped out at the event.

“It was great to see students, parents, siblings and teachers interacting in a fun way,” Kelley School Assistant Principal Kerri Levine said.

Family Game Night began in the cafeteria with pizza, clementines, cookies and water being served to guests.

The object of the evening was for every family to “play” at six game stations in the gymnasium and then receive a new board game to take home.

Games played included: Code Master, Rubiks Race, Googly Eyes, Sequence, Battleship and Mancala. The games were purchased with Title I Parent Involvement grant monies.

“A great night for a principal looks like this,” Kelley Principal Jeff Hamelinck tweeted after the event. “Staff, families and students filling our gym, playing games with each other. Special thanks to all the Newark Kelley School staff for organizing this great evening!”

Family Game Night was also combined with the Kelley School Book Fair with proceeds being used to benefit the Kelley School Student Activities fund.