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Newark school hosts obstacle course challenge for students, staff

During the fun and action-packed annual Student vs. Staff Obstacle Course Challenge January 25th at Kelley School, the staff team prevailed by collectively completing the demanding course faster than the student team challengers.

The staff team finished the course in 15 minutes and 34 seconds and the student team finished it in 17 minutes and 18 seconds.

The competition, pitting students against staff, is held at Kelley School each year after students in the grades 3-5 school complete three weeks of gymnastics/ apparatus and obstacle course units.

The obstacle course, that focuses on building muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance, was designed by Kelley School physical education teachers Ashley Stoughton and Chris Hager

Each class at the school selected one student to represent them in the competition. Staff participants were not only from Kelley School.

Before the event, participants had the opportunity to practice completing the course in preparation for the healthy competition involving skill, agility and endurance.
The competition was held at the end of the day with the entire school community present to watch and cheer _ loudly.

Student team members included: Brayden Sherman, Carter Graser, Riley Downey, Alicia Perry, Darrien Streeter, John Cusker, Dante Shahan, Stephanie Wilson, Autumn Hockenbruckner, Lewis Lugo-Rice, Megan Tyler, Isabella Osmen, Ramon Heredia, Loirmus Desius, Juliana Eldridge, Madison Orlopp, Nico Salerno, Phraizah Smith, Braxton Cooney, Annaliz Garcia, Cole DeCracker, Derrick Woolfolk, Turell Parker, Spencer Nies, Morghan Perry and Tristan Adigwu.

In addition to Stoughton and Hager, other staff team members from Kelley School and elsewhere that participated included: Shannon McGinnis, Steve DiBenedetto, Kaleigh White, Michelle Lindner, Kelley Principal Jeff Hamelinck, Liz Bradstreet, Kelly Valone, Emily Bisland, Shelli Sutton, Morgan D’Eredita, Lacie Urban, Megan Mathews, Katie Fingar, Jen Singer (NCSD Director of Pupil Services), Kailey Ritch, Fiona Hayden, Melanie Bagshaw, Sue Moak (Perkins School physical education teacher), Cindy Briggs, Alisa Elder, Ricky Santell, Matt Boeye and Jen Kohlenberg. Josh Arnold from Premier Martial Arts also was a member of this team.

“This is such a great event for our school,” Stoughton said later. “We love the way it brings the whole building together and allows for so many people to be involved. There is an extreme level of positivity and the entire staff and student population is cheering on each and every participant. Talk about building community . . . over 500 people together in one space, rooting one another on. It’s a wonderful feeling!”