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Courts uphold ruling that Cayuga Medical Center violated federal labor law

This week, Cayuga Medical Center read and posted a notice for employees that states they violated federal labor law. The notice was ordered by the U.S. Court of Appeals after the National Labor Relations Board found the hospital unlawfully disciplined nurses who were trying to form a union.

The NLRB recently upheld two cases involving Cayuga Medical Center. In one, the NLRB found in 2016 that the hospital violated federal labor law while workers were trying to form a union, and in the other decision in early 2018, the NLRB found Cayuga Medical Center unlawfully fired two nurses “in an effort to rid itself of the union organizing drive.”

The first case has concluded the appeal process and CMC is now complying the NLRB’s order, but they continue to appeal the second decision. On Wednesday, as ordered by the U.S. Court of Appeals, CMC read and posted a notice that alerts employees that they violated federal labor law and says they must cease and desist from “directing employees to cease distributing union literature;” “disciplining employees for engaging in protected concerted activities” and several other activities.

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