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Walmart exposed by its own employees

Walmart employee exposes store in viral video You may not have noticed every price increase at Walmart. But the employees have. This employee gave us all the details in this viral video. Grocery shopping: How to save money Walmart exposed With Tik-Tok ... MORE
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Are you entitled to a settlement from TikTok and its $92 million dollar lawsuit?

TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly, has agreed to pay out a $92 million dollar settlement as part of a lawsuit brought against the app. If you used either app before Oct. 1 you may be entitled to a piece of the settlement ... MORE
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Are social media platforms like YouTube or Snapchat safe for kids? Senators want to know

Senators are asking executives with YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat about their companies and how exactly their platforms are safe for kids. This line of questioning comes on the heels of the Facebook whistleblower who shows Facebook and Instagram’s practices are harmful to ... MORE
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Monthly TikTok challenges create disruption for schools

School districts across the United StatesĀ  are discovering that monthly TikTok challenges are causing disruption, destruction of property and offensive conduct from students who use the popular social media platform. These monthly TikTok challenges encourage extremely inappropriate behavior in schools. There is ... MORE
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