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Tax Fraud

IRS: My identity was stolen for a tax refund, what happens next?

IRS: Who needs to file a tax extension?
Every year millions of Americans file with the IRS as fast as they can in hopes of a quick refund, but some people file only to find out their SSN was already submitted. This means ... more

IRS: Do not lose your tax refund to scammers

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The IRS has released a warning to tax payers that they need to be aware of scammers, or risk losing their tax refund entirely. Beginning Jan. 24, Americans were able to start submitting their tax ... more

IRS: Avoid tax fraud identity theft

IRS: How to claim home office deductions on your tax return
Every year with tax season comes the possibility of having your identity stolen for IRS and tax fraud related reasons. One of the IRS' suggestions is to file your taxes as soon as you can ... more
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