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Tax Deductible

IRS: Medical expense deductions explained

Stimulus: $125 automatic tax refunds for Indiana residents
When it comes to the IRS, one of the ways people save money is by deducting eligible medical expenses. Many people aren't aware of this option, or of how to do it. Paying for medical ... more

IRS: Deduct these things to save yourself $1,000s

Stimulus: $125 automatic tax refunds for Indiana residents
Millions of Americans receive refunds each year, and most make claims and deductions in an attempt to get the largest refund possible from the IRS. Deductions will exempt part of your income from being taxed ... more

Tax Return: Pets and claiming them on your tax return

Auto Draft
Taxpayers consider their pets part of their family and some people even have insurance for them, but can you claim them on your return with the IRS? While they do not count as dependents in ... more
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