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Tax Credits

When can you file education tax credits?

Who qualifies for student loan forgiveness?
Studying at a university in the US can be pretty expensive. You can get some help paying for your education. Mortgage: States that have highest monthly mortgage payments American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning ... more

What are Tax Credits and do they affect my refund?

Stimulus checks and Qualified Disaster Distributions explained
Tax credits are one way the government helps its citizens financially. But what is it really and does it impact my refund? How to claim a missed payment for the Child Tax Credit What is ... more

Social Security: Tax credits you may claim even with SSI and other benefits

IRS: I missed the tax deadline, what happens now?
Americans everywhere are preparing their tax returns, but some people collecting SSI or Social Security could qualify for other tax credits. There are often tax credits people in these kinds of programs would not normally ... more