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INSIDE THE FLX: What’s next for Port 100 in Geneva (podcast)

INSIDE THE FLX: Port 100 secures new funding, has bold outlook for 2020 (podcast)

Earlier this month it was announced that around $30,000 had been secured in funding through Ontario County Economic Development for Port 100, a co-working space in downtown Geneva, which had seen its public funding disappear unceremoniously after a decision by last year’s ... MORE
Port 100 funding cut from 2020 budget in Geneva

What’s next for Port 100 after funding cut from Geneva’s 2020 budget?

A number of people were surprised when Port 100 lost it’s funding through the city of Geneva, as Council adopted the 2020 budget. Maureen Ballatori manages the Port 100 space, and presented to City Council during the budget process – making the ... MORE