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What does the infrastructure bill mean for cryptocurrency?

The new infrastructure bill is upsetting to investors as it seeks to regulate cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has never been regulated up until this point. The infrastructure bill was finally signed by President Joe Biden. It’s been the focus of Congress for months. Most ... MORE
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How does the infrastructure bill impact child tax credit payments?

There are two bills: the infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill. Child tax credits were not extended in the infrastructure bill. The extension in included in the reconciliation bill. Here is the difference between the two bills. The $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure ... MORE
If the Infrastructure Bill passes, vehicles will be equipped with a mandated alcohol monitoring system

Infrastructure bill means cars will be required to have alcohol monitoring systems

The new Infrastructure Bill has elicited a lot of responses from people concerned about various changes, starting with paying tax on mileage, and now mandated alcohol monitoring systems in vehicles. The bill is 2,700 pages long, and the bill does in fact ... MORE