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Federal court halts Title IX changes in Moms for Liberty lawsuit

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A federal court has temporarily halted the Biden administration’s proposed changes to Title IX in response to a lawsuit filed by Moms for Liberty and Young America’s Foundation. The ruling prohibits the Department of Education from enforcing the new Title IX rules in Kansas, Alaska, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as in schools attended by members of Young America’s Foundation and children of Moms for Liberty members.

Moms for Liberty co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich praised the decision, stating, “Gender ideology does not belong in public schools, and we are glad the courts made the correct call to support parental rights. All parents must have their voices heard, and their right to raise their own children is part of the very fabric of a free America.”

The lawsuit, filed by the Southeastern Legal Foundation and Mountain States Legal Foundation, argued that the changes to Title IX, which redefine “sex” to include gender identity, violate the First Amendment rights of K-12 and college students. The court agreed, finding the new rule vague and likely to force students to self-censor. The ruling ensures that the Biden administration’s new rule will not be enforced in the specified states and schools pending further legal proceedings.

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