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How to Pick the Best Bonus When Gaming

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Casinos dish out bonuses to their players to encourage them to try these sites, deposit more, or as a reward for their consistent gaming. There are different types of bonuses, including no-deposit bonuses, free spins, welcome offers, cashbacks, rebates, and cash bonuses, among others. With tens of offers on the internet, many players are not sure what to check when picking a bonus. This article explores some of the things you need to check next time you pick a bonus.

Are You Eligible for the Bonus?

Some casinos have eligibility rules for specific offers. These rules may include location limits, levels in the loyalty program, or whether players need to have made a deposit at the casino. Before checking other features of a given bonus, ensure that you are eligible for the said bonus. If the eligibility is based on location, and you wish to use a VPN, be sure that the casino accepts VPNs. Otherwise, you may have problems withdrawing your wins.

Game Contributions

Not all games contribute the same percentage to the wagering requirement. Most casinos accept a 100% contribution from slots and different percentages from other categories. Here is an example: if you wish to play a table game with bonus winnings, and it has a 10% contribution, you will have to play it 10 times more to meet the requirement. If the requirement was 30x, you would have to wager the bonus 300 times. If table games are your favourite, be sure to read an online guide to play roulette and increase your chances of a win.

Remember, some bonuses have a limit, in that you cannot move from a title with a low contribution percentage to one with a higher one. Therefore, be careful with the titles you pick from the very start.

Determine the Amount of Bonus You Get

A bonus is essentially some free cash. However, the amount of effort and cash you will spend on the bonus should be worth the amount you get. Therefore, make your calculations well so that you know the exact value of what you wish to get.

Most bonuses are either in cash or some free spins. For cash offers, it is easy to know the amount of cash that you will be getting, as it is written as a percentage of the deposit or an exact figure. However, for free spins, you have to check the value in the bonus terms or in the general terms and conditions.

Pick a value that is likely to make you some cash after you are done with the wagering terms. Remember to check if the bonus is sticky, i.e., if the casino removes the bonus amount given in the total win. This is common with no deposit offers and actually reduces the amount you would win.

Check the Wagering Requirements

Most casinos will ask you to wager the deposit that they have given you a given number of times before you can withdraw the amount. This number is given in figures. For example, if a bonus has a 40x wagering requirement, it means that the player has to wager the bonus amount at least 40 times before withdrawing or reusing the bonus.

Pick bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements, usually below 50x. The higher the wagering requirement, the less likely you are to take home any substantial amount. This is because each wager presents a risk of a loss.

Check the Bonus Validity

The validity of the bonus is the time within which you should have met the wagering requirement. Most offers have a validity period of between a day and a month. If you do not meet the wagering requirement within this period, the casino will remove the bonus amount along with any winnings you have made from the offer.

If you pick a bonus with a huge amount or a high wagering requirement, choose a casino that gives you a reasonable period for completing the wagering requirement. Free spins usually expire within a day but allow you additional time to meet the wagering requirement. When you get them, wager them at least once to retain their value.

Are there any Winning caps?

Winning caps are a limit, beyond which you cannot earn from the bonus. The cap may be three, five, or ten times your bonus amount. Here is an example: if a bonus has a cup of five times your bonus amount, it means if the bonus is $10, you cannot take home more than $50. Beware of any huge bonuses with low winning caps. If you must claim such deposits, they are small amounts, as they do not give you much value.

Although rare, you may have offers that limit withdrawals of the said amounts. They require you to play with the winnings after completing the bonus terms. Avoid such offers, as they just increase the wagering requirements.

Try various bonuses at your favourite casino. It is a chance to make more cash without risking additional cash. However, make sure that you pick a bonus that is worth your time and effort. The tips above will enable you to pick the right bonus based on your gaming needs, risk appetite and choice of titles.

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