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Geneva Launches ReUse Systems to Cut Landfill Waste

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The town and city of Geneva have launched Geneva ReUse Systems Inc., a new venture aimed at reducing landfill waste. Led by former city councilor Jan Regan, the center will offer retail, repair, and training services.

Geneva ReUse Systems will sell used items like furniture and construction materials, and provide a repair shop to fix broken goods for resale. The center also plans to offer training in retail, repair, and management.

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“We want to accept goods not taken by other outlets and offer jobs and training opportunities. This is a collaboration between the Town and the City, and we aim to partner with similar organizations,” Regan said of the effort’s goal.

The initiative follows a public meeting in February, where work groups formed to create a business plan, file incorporation papers, and seek funding. The board is now scouting potential locations for the center.

Regan was on Inside the FLX in late-February discussing the ReUse Center effort: