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How to Instantly Buy Binance Coin: A Quick Guide

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Ready to dive into the world of cryptocurrency? Look no further; here is how to buy Binance Coin instantly. Binance Coin (BNB) is the native cryptocurrency of one of the world’s largest digital currency trading platforms, the Binance exchange. While this will work wonders for you, some of the perks include a reduction in trade fees and increasing the usability of the platform with premium features within the Binance ecosystem. 

This article will guide you on how to buy instantly on the Cryptomus website. The latter is an intuitive platform that has been built for pros in the crypto world and novices alike. This process, as presented by Cryptomus, is automatic and very secure for the majority of people.

How to Get Started With Cryptomus

Prior to starting to buy BNB, you must sign up on the Cryptomus platform. This is a brief step-by-step:

  • Registration: Visit the Cryptomus website, then click on the “Sign Up” button. Proceed to fill in the form with your email and secure password.
  • Free Wallet: After you are registered, it will generate a secure free wallet. This wallet is to store money safely (including cryptocurrencies such as BNB), and the setting can be edited through your account dashboard.

How to Instantly Buy Binance Coin on Cryptomus

Once you have an account with Cryptomus, you can go ahead and begin to buy Binance Coin instantly. Cryptomus offers you two options for how you can buy BNB instantly: the best way and the simplest way. The two include the following methods. The first method is:

  • Buy Using a Debit or Credit Card: This is the most appropriate way to buy BNB immediately. Below is how you can do it:
  • Choose Your Cryptocurrency: Log in to your Cryptomus account, then head to “Buy Crypto.” Click on the “Pay with” dropdown, then pick “BNB.”.
  • Amount to Purchase and Payment Method: Enter the amount of BNB you intend to buy and select “Credit/Debit Card” under payment methods.
  • Make Payment and Get BNB: Review all the details once more and continue with the payment to buy BNB using a credit or debit card. Once the deal is done, the BNB will be received in your account.

Cryptomus also offers a peer-to-peer service for transfers to buy from other holders of the coin without the need for an intermediary. This model is very flexible, as it allows for various payment methods as well as exchange rates provided. Here is a step-by-step process for using this P2P service on their platform.

  • To the P2P Exchange: Head over to the Cryptomus account and go to the “P2P Exchange” option.
  • Look for a BNB Seller: Look out for a BNB seller that is available and filter according to the payment type they accept, such as bank transfer, mobile payment, etc.
  • Choose an Offer: Select a relevant offer from available options that relate to your interest in the amount of BNB and the price in it. Before you continue, check the reputation and trading record of the vendor.
  • Start Trade: Once an available seller is found for you, you can start the trade by placing the order for the amount of BNB. Cryptomus will lock your payment in an escrow account until the seller confirms your trade.
  • Get BNB: After the seller has confirmed your trade, you should be in receipt of the purchased BNB in your wallet.

More than Just Instant Buys: Ways to Buy BNB on Cryptomus

Besides the ways mentioned above, there are several ways to buy Binance Coins instantly on the Cryptomus platform.

  • Deposit: This is probably the most followed way of buying any cryptocurrency from a crypto space. If you already have different cryptocurrencies, you can transfer them into your Cryptomus account for exchange with BNB.
  • Receive BNB: From anywhere else, you or anyone can transfer BNB to the Cryptomus wallet that you opened, whether it is from your friend or the platform in which you are trading.


So, it was quite an easy process to buy Binance Coin instantly from Cryptomus, which means anyone could include themselves in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is a user-friendly, safe platform where you have multiple methods of purchasing. Cryptomus would be the best idea for someone who is new to investments or is experienced and wants to add a BNB position to their portfolio. Nonetheless, always make sure to do your research before buying any cryptocurrency to see the potential risk and be aware of it.

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