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Wayne CSD students earn prestigious literacy award

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Thirteen students from Wayne Central High School received the New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB) this May, recognizing their proficiency in two or more languages. This award highlights the importance of multilingual skills in today’s diverse society.

The NYSSB program, now in its third year at Wayne Central, has grown significantly. In its first year, only three students earned the seal. This year’s increase in participants shows a rising interest in multilingual proficiency among students.

The district commended the achievements of Aziliz Brumley, Zoë Cook, Nevin Crane, Benjamin DeRose, Yasmina DiMatteo, Hayley Eaton, Kasey Eaton, Skyler Ferry, Alyson Johnson, Kayla O’Neill, Jaelyn Welch, Judith Ugalde, and Sophia Vereecke for their dedication to language learning.