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4 Essential Home Upgrades for Enhancing Mobility and Comfort for Your Aging Loved One

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Do you have an aging loved one, such as a parent or grandparent, who’s starting to struggle more and more in daily life? They are not cognitively struggling, as their mind is still sharp, but in a physical sense, they’re struggling. Well, their safety and comfort at home become a massive priority. No one wants it weighing on them that there might be potential ancient, especially if they live alone.

With the natural changes that come with aging, mobility can become a significant challenge. While yes, of course, this is just a natural thing that happens in life, and yes, lifestyle pitfalls can exacerbate this, you just want nothing but the best for them. Sometimes, all it really takes is some upgrades here and there. So, with that said, here are some nice upgrades you can look into for the safety and comfort of your loved one. 

Install Grab Bars and Handrails

One of the simplest yet most effective upgrades is the installation of grab bars and handrails. These provide much-needed support in areas where balance and stability are crucial, such as bathrooms, hallways, and staircases. So, ideally, you’re going to want to opt for sturdy, slip-resistant materials and ensure they are securely mounted. This small change can make a world of difference in preventing falls and providing peace of mind.

Install Better Lighting

So, you have to keep in mind that with age, it becomes more challenging to see. So, that’s why good lighting is essential for those with diminished vision. For example, you might want to enhance the lighting throughout the house in areas like hallways, staircases, and entryways. These are the areas that are more prone to tripping, too. 

But why not even consider installing nightlights in bedrooms and bathrooms? This is a great way to help your loved ones navigate safely during the night. Looking to take it a step further? Well, motion-sensor lights are also a great option, offering hands-free illumination, especially outside (great for security too).

Consider a Stairlift or Ramp

Needless to say, stairlifts are expensive, but this is a great way to help with safety. But when it comes to outside, such as a porch or driveway getting in, you could consider a ramp. For example, you could either build a ramp (which can be fairly expensive), but if you’re on a tight budget, then you could look into a portable ramp too; this is a super great way to handle getting mobility scooters and wheelchairs in and out of vehicles too.

But if neither of these are options, then try to make the bedroom and bathroom downstairs so no stairs need to be involved. It might not be ideal, but again, this could be an option that’s safest and cheapest. 

Go with Bathroom Modifications

Now, this is definitely where most of the accidents are happening! And it’s all due to slippery surfaces. So, it’s going to be a really good idea to look into installing a walk-in shower or bathtub with a built-in seat, as this can greatly reduce the risk of accidents. There are plenty of elder-friendly bathtubs, and these don’t need to be all that expensive either. 

But if you’re on a budget, then you could look into non-slip mats and grab bars instead (or add this to the new bathtub). But if you’re noticing that your aging loved one has significant mobility issues, then why not consider adding a raised toilet seat and a handheld showerhead for ease of use?

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