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Corning nursing students conduct mass casualty drill

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Nursing students at Corning Community College recently participated in a mass casualty drill simulating a severe car accident, where an elderly man experiencing a seizure crashed into pedestrians. The realistic exercise was designed to test the students’ ability to apply their classroom knowledge to a chaotic, real-world scenario.

During the drill, freshman nursing students acted as the injured victims, while sophomores were tasked with assessing and attending to the wounded, ranging from deceased to critically injured. This hands-on experience aimed to prepare them for actual emergencies that could overwhelm local health services. “All the skills that we’ve been taught for the last two years, we were able to really implement them today,” said nursing student Jessica Avery.

The event was supported by the Steuben County EMS team, enhancing the simulation’s realism and providing students with critical insights into emergency response dynamics. Timothy Marshall, Steuben County Director of Public Safety, emphasized the drill’s role in preparing students for potential emergencies that could flood hospitals in their community.