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Genesee Country Village & Museum to kick off 2024 season on May 8

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Genesee Country Village & Museum (GCV&M) will launch its 2024 high season on Wednesday, May 8, unveiling new stories, exhibits, and an array of fairs and festivals scheduled throughout the rest of the year. The museum, New York’s largest living history venue, spans over 600 acres and includes a historic village with 68 buildings, an art gallery, and a nature center with extensive trails.

Highlights of the season include a new multimedia exhibit at the John L. Wehle Gallery, “Everybody’s Going to be There!” which opens on May 8. The exhibit reimagines the American rural cemetery movement, presenting it as a social hub and a place of scenic respite, featuring a collection of wildlife art, mourning jewelry, and other 19th-century cultural artifacts.

Additionally, the Genesee Country Nature Center offers educational and recreational activities, focusing on the natural history and environment of the Genesee Valley. The museum’s schedule is packed with interactive experiences ranging from historical reenactments to workshops on environmental conservation, appealing to visitors of all ages. For more details and event scheduling, visit GCV&M’s Events Page.