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State lawmakers pay suspended as budget talks extend

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New York State approved a fourth budget extender on Friday as lawmakers struggled to finalize the state budget, now delayed by 11 days. The extenders, necessary to maintain government operations, keep funds flowing based on the previous fiscal year’s allocations. Blair Horner of NYPIRG highlighted that while this delay isn’t unprecedented, it reflects ongoing procedural challenges in Albany.

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Lawmakers themselves are not receiving salaries under these extenders, a condition set by past budget reforms intended to encourage timely budget approvals. However, Assembly Member Alex Bores noted that this measure underscores lawmakers’ commitment to prioritizing public service over personal gain, hoping the delay ensures a more accurate budget.

Despite efforts to frame the delay as part of diligent legislative work, frustrations have grown, particularly among Republicans. Assembly Member Ed Ra criticized the majority’s handling of the budget process, pointing out the difficulties it poses for planning essential services like education funding.