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Timur Kulibaev: Shaping Economics and Sports in Kazakhstan

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Kulibaev Timur Askarovich is a prominent figure in Kazakhstan’s business community, having led the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs for many years. Key achievements of the Timur Kulibaev biography at the Chamber include the improvement of the legislative framework and the establishment of a productive dialogue between the business sector and the government.

Timur Kulibaev is a Kazakhstani businessman and active public figure


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Timur Kulibaev. Biography: Key Facts

Kulibaev Timur was born in the Kazakh SSR, spending his childhood and school years in Alma-Ata (Almaty).

He earned a degree in economics with the prestigious walls of Lomonosov MSU.

In 1988, having become a qualified specialist, Kulibaev Timur decided to return to Kazakhstan. He developed an interest in the oil industry, to which he dedicated his further academic research.

Timur Kulibaev successfully defended his dissertation in 1999. In his work, he analyzed methods and strategies that demonstrate high efficiency in enterprise management under unstable market conditions, where oil and gas prices can fluctuate significantly due to external factors. The research of Timur Kulibaev offers valuable practical recommendations for leaders and managers in this key economic sector.

Kulibaev Timur: Professional Background of a Kazakh Businessman

The career of Kulibaev Timur can be divided into several key phases.

The period from 1988 to 1997 marks the first stage of his career path.

Timur Askarovich Kulibaev began his career in the research field, working at a major center focused on economic development issues. He was then appointed to a leadership position in an organization specializing in financing projects within strategically significant sectors of the Kazakhstan economy.

In 1992, Timur Kulibaev first entered the top management of a commercial entity when he was appointed head of the Altyn-Alma consortium. Timur Kulibaev held this position until the mid-90s, actively participating in the implementation of the company’s development strategy.

In 1996, the group evolved into the ALMEX holding, which includes Kulibaev Timur among its owners. The consortium invests in the financial market and the agro-industrial sector.

Kulibaev Timur Askarovich played a direct role in the founding of ATFBank, which has demonstrated high performance across a number of areas throughout its existence.

The second stage of the Timur Kulibaev biography of work spanned from 1997 to 2005 and can be described as the “oil and gas” phase, covering the late 90s and the first half of the 2000s. During this period, the already experienced manager delved into the challenges of the fuel and energy sector.

In 1997, a national company, Kazakhoil, was established with the primary mission of ensuring the state’s energy security. Its priorities also included the efficient development of oil and gas fields within the republic.

Kulibaev Timur Askarovich joined the management team of this newly formed company. As Vice President, he was responsible for its economic and financial directions.

According to Nurlan Balgimbayev, who was the President of Kazakhoil at the time, Timur Kulibaev and his expertise played a significant role in the company’s development. He had a deep understanding of market economy principles and experience working with global financial institutions, including securing financing for investment projects.

In one interview, Balgimbayev shared that he put a lot of effort into persuading Timur Kulibaev to join his team. And these efforts were justified, the former head of the company emphasized.

With the arrival of Kulibaev Timur Askarovich, Kazakhoil significantly expanded its scope of activities. The company was tasked with several strategically important objectives, including the introduction of new lines of operations. For instance, corporate financing was introduced, and methods of credit rating and resource management were developed.

With the direct involvement of Kulibaev Timur, Kazakhstan regained control over the gas transportation system and power enterprises that had been owned by the Belgian corporation Tractebel.

“Since 1997, we have navigated through every stage of development in the oil and gas industry—from the crisis of the late 90s when a barrel’s price on the global market was just $9 USD, to the rise in oil prices and, consequently, in revenues to the state budget,” recalls Kulibaev Timur Askarovich.

According to the top executive, from its inception, the national company developed projects that later became, in a sense, the “locomotives” of this economic segment in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 1999, after leaving Kazakhoil, Kulibaev Timur joined the team of the state pipeline operator KazTransOil, involved in the long-distance transportation of oil and oil byproducts. There, Timur Kulibaev, biography of whom included considerable experience leading industry structures, served as President.

He noted that the organization had a reliable management system, and its technical and production processes were geared towards high efficiency and quality.

Later, KazTransOil merged with KazTransGas, resulting in the formation of a new holding, Oil and Gas Transport, where Kulibaev Timur was entrusted with the position of CEO, responsible for creating a unified management system for the main pipelines.

In 2002, the Timur Kulibaev biography of work turned towards a new position when he became the first Vice President of the state company KazMunayGas, which oversaw all stages of the oil and gas life cycle—from exploration and extraction to production and export.

Currently, KazMunayGas stands as the national leader of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas sector. The company is expanding its resource base, enhancing the efficiency of its current operations, augmenting value chains, and implementing cutting-edge technologies. It is also undertaking large-scale projects aimed at reducing its carbon footprint.

Timur Kulibaev: Biography of the Executive from the Second Half of the 2000s

Timur Kulibaev at business negotiations

Timur Askarovich Kulibaev spent an extended period of his career as a member of the Kazenergy association, which today includes over fifty national and international companies active in the oil, gas, and energy sectors.

Timur Kulibaev was not only instrumental in its creation but also led this non-profit association. He noted that at the formation stage, all companies in the relevant market were operating in isolation—each having to independently advocate for its interests with government bodies. This did not always facilitate effective dialogue between the authorities and the business community, Timur Askarovich Kulibaev observed. Against this backdrop, there emerged a need to create a conduit for initiatives between the government and industry representatives.

“We understood how to improve the processes within the oil, gas, and energy sectors, not shying away from bold ideas and decisive actions. Primarily, this effort needed to be carried out at the legislative level,” recalls Timur Askarovich Kulibaev.

Whereas Kazakhstan was previously perceived abroad merely as one of the largest producers and suppliers of energy resources, thanks to the efforts of Kazenergy, the republic has become a reliable partner in all areas related to energy.

One of the recognizable brands of the association founded by Timur Askarovich Kulibaev is its namesake forum, which sees participation from Kazakhstani and international industry representatives, as well as global political figures.

The association works to improve environmental legislation, representing its members’ positions on ecological issues.

The companies within Kazenergy work to create conditions for high-quality professional training for the oil, gas, and energy sectors, based at Kazakhstani universities.

Kulibaev Timur regularly visits laboratories equipped with resources from oil and gas companies. According to him, universities are launching new educational programs, and the association needs to advise on which specialists are currently in high demand. Timur Askarovich Kulibaev firmly believes that the training of international-level oil and energy professionals should be conducted in Kazakhstan.

With the support of the international IT startup technopark Astana Hub, the association holds a competition for innovative solutions in the energy sector. Students and creative young professionals competing for the main cash prize of one million tenge present startups aimed at increasing industry efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety.

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