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RG&E celebrates Earth Month with community fair in Rochester

Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) is set to welcome the Rochester community to a vibrant Community Fair on Friday, April 5, at Washington Square Park. The event, slated from 4 to 7 p.m., is part of RG&E’s celebration of Earth Month, showcasing the company’s commitment to clean energy and sustainable practices.

The fair promises an array of activities including raffles, food, and live music, designed to offer a fun and informative experience for attendees. RG&E president and CEO, Trish Nilsen, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity for direct engagement with customers, highlighting the showcase of electric vehicles, charging stations, and the chance for the community to learn about the utility’s operations in an interactive environment.

In line with its environmental focus, RG&E will spotlight its clean energy initiatives and detail its tree care program as part of its vegetation management efforts. The event will also feature participation from community partners Greentopia and Cornell Cooperative Extension, sharing insights into their collaborative projects with RG&E, such as the transformation of the former Beebee Station into a new state park and various workforce development programs.

Attendees can look forward to gas safety leak and electric safety live-line demonstrations, alongside the opportunity to engage with customer service representatives for assistance with billing and other services. The Community Fair aims not only to celebrate Earth Month but also to reinforce RG&E’s dedication to serving and supporting its communities through direct interaction and collaborative environmental initiatives.