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National Grid advocates for safe digging practices as spring arrives

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As April marks National Safe Digging Month, National Grid is emphasizing the importance of calling 811 before any digging activity. This precautionary measure is crucial for preventing damage to underground utilities and ensuring the safety of communities. Whether the project involves planting greenery or constructing outdoor amenities, contacting 811 is a necessary step to identify and avoid underground utilities.

With 74% of U.S. homeowners planning to dig on their properties this year, National Grid raises concerns that over 49.3 million Americans could jeopardize their safety and community well-being by neglecting to call 811 prior to digging. Unchecked digging activities can lead to severe injuries, service disruptions, and significant financial penalties.

Richard Delaney, Vice President of Pipeline Safety & Gas Compliance at National Grid, highlighted the alarming trend that four out of ten homeowners intent on digging will not seek prior consultation, thereby risking personal harm and utility service interruptions. He stressed that a simple call to 811 not only ensures personal and public safety but is also mandated by law.

National Grid encourages the public to engage in responsible digging practices, such as contacting 811 a few days before starting any digging projects and verifying that all utility lines are properly marked. By taking these steps, individuals can contribute to the preservation of essential utility services and uphold the safety of their communities.

For those embarking on excavation projects, National Grid offers resources and supports through various platforms, including their website and state-specific contact numbers, to facilitate easy access to safety procedures and legal requirements. By collaborating with local emergency services, National Grid aims to enhance public awareness and compliance with safe digging practices, furthering their commitment to safeguarding communities and fostering a sustainable energy future.

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