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Canandaigua Town Board considers tree heritage program to honor historic trees

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The Canandaigua Town Board is considering the launch of a tree heritage recognition program aimed at honoring the town’s oldest and most significant trees, as discussed in their recent meeting. Supervisor Jared Simpson emphasized the importance of these trees as a connection to the community’s history, underscoring that trees planted today are a legacy for future generations. The initiative seeks to engage residents in identifying noteworthy trees to promote preservation and awareness.

The proposed program, inspired by similar initiatives in other municipalities, including the city of Canandaigua, will not impose preservation requirements but instead encourage voluntary recognition by the community. Dennis Brewer, leading the town’s tree team, highlighted the goal of raising public awareness about these natural landmarks, noting the potential for trees on public lands to be recognized for their landmark value or historical significance.

If implemented, the program will allow residents to nominate trees for recognition, with selected trees being acknowledged in a town database and possibly marked with a plaque detailing their significance. This initiative aims to foster a sense of stewardship and appreciation for the natural and historical treasures within the community, starting with trees on town properties such as cemeteries and parks