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What does the cocoa bean shortage mean for global chocolate supply?

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A significant shortage of cocoa beans has disrupted operations in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, the world’s leading cocoa producers, affecting chocolate prices globally and the livelihoods of farmers. Environmental challenges like the El Niño weather pattern have dried west African climates, exacerbating issues like the swollen shoot virus and leading to massive harvest losses. Economic and human factors, including the aging of cocoa trees and illegal mining, further compound the production decline, raising concerns over the sustainability of cocoa farming.

In response to these challenges, the Ghana Cocoa Board secured a World Bank loan to rehabilitate affected plantations, a move aimed at supporting farmers and curbing the decline in cocoa production. Despite these efforts, both countries face ongoing struggles with smuggling and the need for more comprehensive governmental actions to address the root causes of the cocoa crisis.

The cocoa bean shortage prompts a pivotal shift towards sustainable alternatives, with companies like Planet A Foods pioneering cocoa-free chocolate products. This adaptation reflects a broader effort to mitigate the environmental and ethical issues associated with cocoa farming, offering a glimpse into the future of the chocolate industry amidst growing sustainability concerns.

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