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State police prep for solar eclipse

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In anticipation of the total solar eclipse, the New York State Police Troop E, in collaboration with various enforcement and emergency services, has finalized an emergency operation plan aimed at ensuring public safety during the celestial event. The strategy involves a heightened police presence to manage the expected surge in visitors and maintain order, especially in traffic flow, as the region prepares for a significant increase in population, reminiscent of the challenges faced during the 2017 eclipse.

Troop E Headquarters will lead the coordination efforts, setting up command posts and forward operating bases across Rochester, Auburn, and Bath. The comprehensive plan includes the deployment of additional personnel, strike teams for traffic management, and various rescue and enforcement assets like aviation units, marine patrols, and motorcycles to address any potential disruptions. This preparation is a proactive measure to mitigate the impact of the eclipse on local communities and infrastructure.

State Police have also issued recommendations for residents and visitors, advising on fueling up vehicles, stocking up on essentials, and avoiding roadways post-event to prevent congestion. Special emphasis is placed on viewing the eclipse from designated sites and the importance of using proper protective eyewear. The public is urged to plan for extended travel times, ensure communication devices are charged, and exercise patience and respect on the roads post-eclipse.