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Auburn considers hotel tax amid mixed public feedback

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The Auburn City Council, in conjunction with Assemblyman John Lemondes, hosted a public meeting to discuss the introduction of a proposed tax on hotel stays and short-term rentals. Auburn officials highlighted the city’s motivation for the tax, citing existing similar taxes in nearby cities and the potential for significant revenue enhancement. The tax aims to offset costs associated with the city’s growing tourism, suggesting a 5% rate could generate $500,000 annually, alleviating the financial load on property taxpayers.

Despite the perceived benefits, the proposal met with resistance from a few attendees, including Auburn residents and members of the local hospitality industry. Critics expressed concerns that the additional tax burden could deter visitors, indirectly affecting other businesses.

Assemblyman Lemondes, while yet to introduce the bill, highlighted the importance of community input on new tax proposals. The initiative, supported by city leadership and reflecting a broader trend towards implementing hotel taxes for tourism-related revenue, remains under consideration.