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BluePear: description of the service, advantages, principle of operation

Bluepear is a service that helps large companies protect their brand from bidding on branded keywords. He works around the clock, his task is to monitor the output of branded search queries of the company. If he finds a third-party advertisement in the search results, he will definitely fix it and then provide full information on third-party queries. He uploads the entire report on the contextual graph for the company’s brand to the user’s personal account.

Why is this necessary?

Many partner networks have large brands that have their own organic traffic. It is forbidden to make contextual advertising on them as part of the partner network, so as not to create additional competition for key brand requests.

In order not to lose some of the organic traffic and not to overpay for leads that come from brand keywords, the Bluepear service works. With it, you do not need to incur additional costs for contextual advertising and overpay webmasters to be in the first positions of search results.

Is it possible to solve this problem on your own?

Not everyone succeeds in noticing an unscrupulous webmaster who uses a prohibited traffic source. Many are desperately trying to hide this fact by hiding it behind a target for certain indicators. Here, only constant monitoring of brand requests from different devices and at different times will help to find a prohibited method of operation. Not everyone can do this physically – you need to devote literally all your time to this. This is why the Bluepear service was invented. It is based on the work of artificial intelligence. His task is to constantly monitor the company’s traffic around the clock, and records all the results, providing a detailed report on them.

Why is this important?

Some large companies do not understand the importance of this problem, thinking that they have nothing to lose. In fact, they lose hundreds of leads, and other companies are advertised for their key queries. This can seriously affect brand sales, so you need to pay a lot of attention to this problem.

How can the Bluepear service help?

The Bluepear platform is a profitable solution for those who do not want to lose their organic traffic and overpay webmasters. He works 24/7 and regularly monitors the company’s search results.

To get started with the Bluepear service, you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Provide the service with the keywords that need to be monitored. These are the company’s keywords.
2. Set the target parameters: location, device type, time, frequency of issue verification, and so on.
3. Wait for the results from the service. On average, it takes 3-4 days for a third-party advertising report to be submitted.
4. Get acquainted with the results of the analysis in your personal account. You can request to receive the results of the work in PDF format to your email.

This information may be required in disputes with the webmaster and the partner network.

How much does the Bluepear service cost?

The Bluepear service is available by subscription. There are no separate tariffs here, but if the client needs special conditions, we are open to dialogue.

There are 4 specialists in the service team: an account manager, two software developers and a person responsible for the sale of the service, who handles the registration of its purchase. We have extensive experience in affiliate marketing, and since the start of the Bluepear project, we have more than 150 satisfied customers in our database.

We are constantly refining our service to make it as comfortable as possible for our customers. Now we are trying to find the optimal balance of subscription costs and benefits for each user. In the very near future, we plan to start working with large brands – for them, the problem of third-party traffic is very relevant.

How do I subscribe to the Bluepear service?

To get to know the Bluepear service better, you can request a demo service on its official website. You can get it absolutely for free. To do this, you need to fill out forms with personal data: enter your name, work email address, the company you represent (you can be both the owner of this company and its employee, the main thing is that you have access to it) and describe the problem you are facing.

An email with the activation of your personal account will be sent to the specified email address – you can also view the demo version of the service there.

You can find out more information about the Bluepear service, request subscription prices and tariffs on the company’s website.

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