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Sen. Helming advocates for family farms on National Agriculture Day

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On National Agriculture Day, State Senator Helming emphasized the crucial role of farming in both the economy and daily sustenance of families. Highlighting the USDA Census of Agriculture’s recent findings, Senator Helming pointed out the alarming loss of nearly 2,800 farms and 364,000 acres of farmland in New York State since 2017. This decline underscores the pressing need to support family farms and ensure their thriving future.

Senator Helming voiced her opposition to state policies that have added to the challenges faced by farmers, including increased operational difficulties due to state mandates, regulations, and rising costs for production, labor, fuel, and feed. Farming, a dominant industry within the 54th District, faces mounting pressures that demand legislative attention and action.

As an advocate for agricultural support, Senator Helming commits to opposing policies that disadvantage farmers, recognizing them as some of the most hardworking individuals contributing significantly to both community sustenance and the local economy. She calls on the community to appreciate the farmers’ dedication to providing food and sustaining economic health.