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Federal funding secures Fayette sewer project

The Town of Fayette has finalized the funding for a transformative $9 million sewer project along the east side of Seneca Lake, securing a $3.5 million grant from the 2024 federal budget. This grant completes the financial plan for constructing an eight-mile sewer line from the town of Waterloo to the town of Varick, according to town officials. The project, which also includes three miles of service lines for commercial and residential customers, will establish Seneca Lake Sewer District No. 1 within the year.

Adding to the federal grant, the project’s funding comprises a $1 million grant from the Northern Border Regional Commission, private-sector investments, and contributions from the town and future users. With the design phase nearing completion and regulatory approvals underway, the town anticipates starting the bidding and construction processes promptly, Trout noted.

The sewer line is expected to significantly boost the local economy by supporting new developments in craft beverage, tourism, housing, and mixed-use projects. It’s projected to generate nearly $200,000 in new revenue for Seneca County and improve the water quality of Seneca Lake by transitioning homes and businesses from septic systems to public wastewater management. The treated wastewater will be processed at the City of Geneva wastewater treatment plant, highlighting the project’s commitment to economic development and environmental conservation.