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Reddit user wants to “get into Finger Lakes wine” and gets plenty of advice

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The r/wine sub-reddit is a place where professional and amateur wine connoisseurs share knowledge, experiences and tips. On Tuesday, a member of the group with the username Impressive-Cold6855 asked for advice based close to our home here in the FLX.

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This post prompted several replies. You can check out the full thread on Reddit here.

Below are a sampling of responses to the original poster’s desire to learn about Finger Lakes wine:

A few wineries to try: Hermann Weimer, Frank, heart & hands, Lamoreaux, Forge, Red Newt, Boundary Breaks, Standing Stone, Shaw Vineyard, Red Tail Ridge, Ravines, Keuka lake vineyards, Bellweather.

So many good ones, but you really can’t go wrong with their (Hermann J. Wiemer) main Dry Riesling. The winemaking team is up front saying that bottling gets preference before anything else gets made/blended. It’s a great QPR, along with so many other FLX rieslings.

How far from the Finger Lakes are you. I’ve generally found that the wineries are fairly generous if you express an interest in learning about their wines. I think Megan Frank poured me 21 wines when I was there (admittedly I told her I was an AWS member but that was way before I was on the board). Similarly Wiemer, Glenora, Silver Thread, McGregor all gave us a great time. We grabbed a B&B up there and spent a day on each lake approximately.

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Hard to say without knowing what you drink today and the types of things you like, but there was a post a few weeks ago that had a lot of great recommendations in it and I think covers all the best winemakers in the region.

The Finger Lakes produce a lot of rieslings. I think some of the better wineries are on Keuka and Seneca Lakes, but Cayuga has some fine wineries, too. Here is a quick list of some of my favorites:

Sheldrake (lots of Rieslings, also has a great rose) Dr. Konstatin Frank (dry Riesling and Gewürztraminer) Standing Stone (anything) Idol Ridge (large selection of sweet wines) Thirsty Owl Heart and Hands

Riesling from Wiemer, Forge, Red Newt, and Kelby Russell’s new thing w/ the Lahoma vineyard

Gewurztraminer from Red Newt + Lamoreaux

Chard from Lamoreaux

Pinot + Pinot Meunier + other oddball creations from Six Eighty

Atwater vineyards. It’s an estate winery with wonderful Rieslings, pet nats, gruners, gewurtz, and reds. They have a really delicious red blend called Symvoli

You can follow along with the conversation as it continues at Reddit.