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Tompkins County poised for manufacturing boom with Menlo Micro and Micron investments

Menlo Micro announced a significant investment of over $50 million to establish a fabrication facility in Lansing, near Ithaca, New York, signaling a major boost for the local manufacturing workforce. This new facility, poised to start manufacturing operations this year, is expected to create 120 jobs, generating an estimated $18 million in direct wages. The investment underscores the growing interest in revitalizing the state’s manufacturing sector, especially in advanced technologies like semiconductor production.

The economic revival is supported by both local officials and a broader consortium of manufacturers in Central New York, focusing on workforce development to meet the increasing demand for skilled labor in the semiconductor industry. Menlo Micro, alongside other companies, is part of the “Future-Ready Workforce Innovation Consortium” led by Micron and Syracuse University, aiming to prepare the region for a semiconductor boom. This consortium is also backing Ithaca Area Economic Development’s Direct To Work program, which has received over $1 million in state funding to equip locals with the necessary technical skills for the industry.

With the federal government and state officials, including Senator Charles Schumer, rallying behind these efforts, the region is set to become a key player in the national push to enhance semiconductor manufacturing on American soil. Menlo Micro’s decision to build in Tompkins County, with support from New York State in the form of $6.5 million in tax credits, along with Micron’s historic $100 billion investment in the area, highlights the strategic importance of Ithaca and Central New York in the future of U.S. manufacturing and technology innovation.