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New York allocates $1.35M to preserve forests: Who will get the funds?

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the availability of $1.35 million in funding to protect New York’s forests through the Forest Conservation Easements for Land Trusts Grant Program. This initiative allows qualified land trusts to apply for up to $350,000 to secure conservation easements on forested land within the state. The aim is to safeguard these areas for their economic and environmental benefits, including wildlife habitat, biodiversity, air and water quality, and climate change mitigation.

The funding is part of New York’s ambitious goal to protect 30% of the state’s lands and waters by 2030, emphasizing the importance of public-private partnerships in achieving conservation objectives. The grants, managed by the Land Trust Alliance in coordination with the State Department of Environmental Conservation, are designed to accelerate forest land conservation efforts. This initiative is supported by the State’s Environmental Protection Fund, which is vital for a range of environmental programs.

Land Trusts accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission are eligible to apply for this grant, with a 25% match required from applicants. Interested organizations must submit a project overview by May 10, 2024, as part of the pre-application process, with full applications by invitation only. This grant opportunity underscores New York’s commitment to collaborative efforts in protecting and preserving the state’s forest resources for future generations.

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