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Auburn takes step toward addressing housing crisis

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Auburn has taken a significant step toward addressing its housing crisis by adopting a resolution in line with Governor Kathy Hochul’s housing initiative. The city council’s approval on Thursday paves the way for Auburn to become a designated pro-housing community. This move aligns Auburn with New York State’s efforts to streamline housing project permits, support fair housing policies, and encourage diverse residential development.

The initiative, spearheaded by Governor Hochul, aims to combat the housing challenges faced by communities across New York, including Auburn. By embracing the state’s pro-housing pledge, Auburn is committing to actions that will increase its residential development capacity and promote various types of housing to meet regional needs. This legislative step is crucial for the city’s eligibility to tap into a $650 million funding pool dedicated to housing and community renewal.

Auburn’s proactive stance on housing, highlighted by its 2018 win of the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative prize, positions it as a leader in tackling housing shortages.