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Seneca Falls gears up for 2024 Convention Days

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Seneca Falls is gearing up for its annual Convention Days, scheduled for July 19-21, centered around the theme “Revolutionary Families.” This year’s theme highlights the profound changes in family roles throughout American history, taking inspiration from the pioneering 1848 women’s rights convention that challenged prevailing norms and laws that limited women’s freedoms and rights within the family structure.

During the mid-19th century, women’s legal and social identities were predominantly defined by their familial ties, with little to no autonomy outside their relationships with fathers or husbands. The 1848 convention, led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her contemporaries, all of whom were deeply embedded in their familial roles, sought to confront these restrictive norms. Their activism was deeply influenced by their experiences within their own families, from Stanton’s rejection of “obey” in her marriage vows to the abolitionist Quaker heritage of Martha Wright and Lucretia Mott.

The upcoming Convention Days will delve into how these revolutionary families laid the groundwork for the early women’s rights movement and explore how evolving definitions of family continue to shape human rights. The event, taking place at the Women’s Rights National Historical Park, promises engaging discussions, presentations, and living history performances. Further details on the activities and programs will be released in the weeks ahead.