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CEDA highlights urgent housing needs in Cayuga County

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The Cayuga Economic Development Agency (CEDA) has emphasized the critical need for housing development in Auburn and Cayuga County, signaling that without immediate action, the region could face severe shortages.

The Syracuse area’s historically low vacancy rate of 1.8% and the 23% rise in rental costs reflect a broader issue affecting the central New York region. With Micron’s anticipated arrival and the expected influx of 2,500 new residents to Cayuga County by 2029, CEDA is calling for comprehensive strategies to address the looming housing crisis.

In response to the growing demand, the city of Auburn is pursuing recognition as a Pro-Housing Community, signaling a commitment to easing the construction of new housing by reviewing zoning regulations.

Moreover, Auburn seeks funding for a county-wide housing needs study to guide future development. These initiatives represent a crucial first step towards addressing the housing imbalance but underscore the need for further action to ensure adequate housing stock aligns with resident expectations for quality and affordability.

To mitigate the housing shortage, CEDA proposes several solutions, including revising tax exemption policies to encourage construction, especially of senior living communities, and advocating for development that reflects community desires while avoiding suburban sprawl.

Addressing infrastructure capacity and considering innovative housing models are also among the strategies suggested to prepare Cayuga County for expected growth. CEDA’s insights stress the importance of a multi-faceted approach to ensure the region remains an attractive place to live and work amidst changing demographics and economic conditions.