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Clyde-Savannah HS students connect with Holocaust survivors’ descendants

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In observance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, Clyde-Savannah Senior High School’s 10th-grade students had the unique opportunity to engage with descendants of Holocaust survivors through a Zoom session. This educational initiative was part of a collaborative effort between Mike Burke’s Global Studies class, learning about World War II, and Brian Poerio’s English class, which is reading “The Diary of Anne Frank.” The session featured three speakers, including Raquel Binder, Daniel Riff, and Jason Rosenbulm, who shared personal stories and photographs from their grandparents, enriching students’ understanding of the Holocaust’s impact.

Sophomore AJ Sanford expressed the profound effect of the experience, highlighting the difference between reading about historical events and hearing firsthand accounts from those directly connected to them. This interaction provided a deeper, more personal perspective on the Holocaust, bridging the gap between historical facts and the human stories behind them.

Organized by teacher Mike Burke, with assistance from the educational organization 3GNY, this marks the second year the school has facilitated such an event, aiming to make it an annual tradition. Burke’s goal is to transcend traditional history lessons by fostering personal connections with the past, thereby making history more tangible and impactful for his students.