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Village of Newark welcomes new deputy clerk

The Village of Newark is recently announced the appointment of Trish Poole as the new Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, following her successful tenure in a temporary capacity last fall. Poole, with a rich 30-year background in accounting across both public and nonprofit sectors, has seamlessly transitioned into her role, demonstrating remarkable compatibility with the staff and proficiency in her responsibilities. Her addition to the team has been met with enthusiasm by both the village’s leadership and office staff.

Mayor Jonathan Taylor praised Poole’s smooth integration and extensive accounting experience, noting her effective collaboration with office staff and the public. Her appointment is seen as a significant asset to the village’s administration, strengthening the team with her expertise and congenial approach to public service. Poole’s residency in Shortsville, alongside her husband Rickey and their cockapoo, Maggie, roots her deeply within the community she now serves.

Lynette Morrison, the Clerk/Treasurer, expressed excitement over Poole’s permanent role, highlighting her positive impact and strong fit within the office. Morrison’s anticipation of working alongside Poole underscores the positive expectations for her contributions to the Village of Newark’s operations. The community looks forward to the benefits her experience and energy will bring to the village’s financial and administrative functions.

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