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LAWSUIT: Skaneateles school gave ‘unauthorized’ social transition to child, parent says

A lawsuit has been initiated against the Skaneateles School District by Jennifer Vitsaxaki, a parent of a former student, alleging unauthorized social transition support for her child. Filed by the conservative Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom, the suit claims the district staff referred to Vitsaxaki’s 12-year-old daughter by male pronouns and a boy’s name without parental consent, raising significant concerns about privacy, parental rights, and the district’s policy on gender identity support.

The legal action targets specific school officials, accusing them of concealing this practice from Vitsaxaki while guiding the student toward LGBTQIA resources and potential medical transition options. This situation reportedly came to light only months after the initiation of the gender support plan, which labeled the family as unsupportive, prompting Vitsaxaki to transfer her child to a private school—a move she claims led to improvements in the student’s well-being.

This lawsuit touches on broader debates surrounding the rights of parents versus the autonomy of students in matters of gender identity, a contentious issue in educational policy across the United States. With the Alliance Defending Freedom at the forefront, a group criticized by some for its stance on LGBTQIA rights, this case adds to the growing number of legal challenges that schools face regarding gender dysphoria and the communication of such matters to parents.