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Auburn, Clyde-Savannah, Dryden, Lyons, and Sodus schools to get millions for ‘learning loss’

Governor Kathy Hochul has allocated $100 million to 50 school districts and BOCES in New York, aiming to counteract pandemic-induced learning loss and enhance mental health services for students. This initiative is a part of Governor Hochul’s broader commitment to bolster mental health support in educational settings. The funds will facilitate evidence-based interventions to mitigate learning setbacks and improve both staff and student abilities to identify and address mental health issues.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

The funding distribution includes grants from two different programs. The Learning Loss Recover from COVID School Program (RECOVS) Grant will support 15 districts and BOCES, focusing on academic recovery and learning loss identification. Conversely, the Mental Health RECOVS grant, awarded to 40 districts and BOCES, will emphasize promoting mental health, enhancing capacity for mental health concern identification, and fostering student diversity and inclusivity.

State educational leaders, including Education Commissioner Betty A. Rosa and Board of Regents Chancellor Lester W. Young, Jr., have lauded this financial support. They highlight its potential to create inclusive learning environments and address the educational and psychological impacts of COVID-19 on students. Senators Shelley B. Mayer and John Liu also praised the initiative for providing much-needed resources to address learning and mental health challenges faced by New York’s students. The funding allocation follows Governor Hochul’s August 2023 announcement of the availability of $100 million for school districts through the Learning Loss and Mental Health RECOVS Program.

Local Pandemic Learning Loss RECOVS awardees

  • Clyde-Savannah CSD: $1.18M
  • Lyons CSD: $1.373M
  • Sodus CSD: $1.308M

Mental Health RECOVS awardees

  • Auburn Enlarged CSD: $828K
  • Dryden CSD: $231K
  • Lyons CSD: $1.36M