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Auburn seeks increased state funding amid financial strain

Auburn is actively seeking a boost in its state funding through the Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (AIM) program. The city has consistently received $4,982,093 from this program for over ten years. AIM offers unrestricted financial support to local municipalities in New York State, excluding New York City. In an effort to address financial challenges, the Auburn City Council is preparing to vote on a resolution that urges Governor Kathy Hochul and the state legislature to increase AIM funding.

The resolution highlights the financial burdens faced by Auburn and other municipalities, exacerbated by stagnant AIM funding and New York’s tax cap mandates. Mayor Jimmy Giannettino and Councilor Rhoda Overstreet-Wilson are set to attend the New York State Conference of Mayors’ winter legislative conference next week. There, they plan to present the resolution and discuss the impact of Governor Hochul’s proposed 2024-2025 budget on local governments. The conference, scheduled for February 4-6, is an opportunity for municipal leaders to engage with state officials on fiscal matters.

Auburn’s push for increased funding follows the governor’s recent budget proposal, which maintains the city’s current level of AIM funding. The city experienced a reduction in AIM funding in the 2011-2012 budget year, from $5,123,245 to $4,982,093, and has since seen no increase. This resolution represents Auburn’s effort to address its ongoing financial challenges.