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Wayne County gets full-time election commissioners

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Wayne County is poised to transform its electoral operations by converting part-time election commissioner roles into full-time positions.

This significant change, expected to be approved at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, follows a push by the county’s Republican and Democratic leaders.

The move aims to address ongoing technical issues and delays in election results, which have been a source of concern for the Board of Elections.

Under the new resolution, the part-time positions, previously paid an annual salary of $15,000, will be replaced with full-time roles each compensated at $66,185 per year.

This shift to a 37½-hour work week is a departure from the previous undefined part-time hours. The county will also maintain two full-time deputy commissioners. The Republican commissioner role will be taken over by Mindy Robinson, succeeding the retired John Zornow, while Democrat Gerry Clingerman will continue in his position.