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State lawmakers grapple with AI in legislative process

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As New York lawmakers return to Albany for their six-month session, a key topic of discussion is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in drafting legislation and its regulation in state business. Last year, Queens Assemblyman Clyde Vanel utilized AI to draft housing legislation, sparking varied reactions among legislators. This year, there’s anticipation and concern about the extent of AI’s role in creating bills and public documents.

Some AI-generated research and documents to flood the Capitol. They highlights the challenge in verifying the accuracy of AI-produced information. Governor Kathy Hochul is expected to address AI in the upcoming State of the State address, with proposals possibly including a task force to study the issue.

Others acknowledges AI’s potential in speeding up research but warns against over-reliance without thorough review. They emphasizes the need for transparency, especially in campaign contexts, proposing legislation to mandate AI usage disclosure.

Overall, there’s an acknowledgment of AI’s inevitability in the legislative process, with a focus on finding ways to ensure its effective and ethical use.