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Wineglass Race Series donates $136,000 to local non-profits

The Wineglass Race Series, celebrated for its annual Wineglass Weekend, has made a substantial contribution to the community by donating $136,000 to local non-profits.

This generous act of giving is a testament to the series’ commitment to community involvement and support.

The success of the race is largely attributed to the collaborative efforts of numerous sponsors, including Guthrie and Wegmans as the title sponsors for the full and half marathons, respectively.

The event’s success is further bolstered by the dedication of nearly 2,000 volunteers, who handle various responsibilities ranging from setting up the event to manning water stations and ensuring the safety of the course.

In a gesture highlighting this commitment, the Wineglass Race Series made a special donation to the Steuben County Office of Emergency Services, contributing to the purchase of an updated command vehicle for the county.

The community engagement of the Wineglass Race Series extends to educational support as well, offering scholarships to student-athletes from local high schools along the marathon route. Since 2016, the initiative has awarded 47 scholarships totaling $48,500, funded by voluntary runner donations. For more information about the impactful Wineglass Race Series, interested individuals can visit or their Facebook page.