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A New Era: Potential Legalization of Online Casinos in NY

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Currently, sports betting is legal in New York State, leaving a significant gap in the digital gambling sector for online casinos. In this article based on, we look at the possible legalization of online casinos in New York to give you a detailed view of how things are changing.

New York online casinos are not yet regulated, but there’s potential for change as early as 2024. Sen. Joseph Addabbo’s iGaming Bill may change the state’s gaming and social casinos legal framework. This bill, if passed, would create a structured system for casino operations. The bill proposes a tax rate of 30.5% on gross gaming revenue, with a portion of these funds dedicated to problem gambling education.

New York Online Casino Updates

In 2023, New York’s journey towards the legalization of online gaming saw several key developments:

  • October 19. Senator Joseph P. Addabbo told PlayUSA his plans to include a $25 million fund for casino workers. The fund will focus on those working in brick-and-mortar casinos. This will be a part of the gaming legislation next year. This move shows the casino’s dedication to helping its workers as they move online.
  • March 15. Online casinos cannot come to New York until 2024. The iGaming legislation should have been included in the budget.
  • February 15. New York made the most money from online sports betting in the U.S. It earned $1.37 billion, 13.7% of the market share. This success underscores the potential for significant revenue from legalized online gaming.
  • February 15. Senator Addabbo introduced a bill in New York called S4856. This bill is meant to legalize online slots, table games, and live dealer games. However, online poker would not be included. This legislation seeks to balance the high tax rate imposed on sports betting by introducing new forms of online gambling.

New York Interactive Gaming Bill

The New York Interactive Gaming Bill, also called Senate Bill S4856, is crucial in legalizing online casino gaming in New York. Senator Addabbo is leading this effort. The bill is comprehensive, covering various aspects of online gambling. Critical sections of the bill include:

  • Legislative Intent and Findings. We recognize that licensed gaming facilities in New York offer online betting.
  • Definitions. Clearly defines the terms used in the bill, ensuring clarity and precision.
  • Eligibility to Conduct Interactive Gaming. Specifies who can legally provide online casino platforms and outlines the licensing process.
  • Entity Licensing. Details the step-by-step licensing procedure for online casino operators.
  • Individual, Enterprise, and Vendor Licensing. Defines the types of entities eligible for interactive gaming and the associated rules.
  • Requirements for Conduct and Operation. This extensive section sets out rules on live gaming, data storage, server location, and advertising.
  • Taxation and Fees. Proposes a tax rate of 30.5% on gross gaming revenue, with a portion allocated to Problem Gambling Education.
  • Responsible Gambling. Lists the requirements for operators to implement accountable gambling measures on their platforms​​.

Passing this bill would change how casinos work in New York. It could let casinos operate with land-based ones and sports betting places. It represents a pivotal moment in the state’s approach to online gaming and legal online gambling.

Current Online Casinos Landscape in NY

While online casino gambling has not yet been legalized, the state has seen a growing interest in this sector. Currently, New Yorkers engage in social casinos that offer a range of casino-style games without real money wagering. These platforms offer a different option for casino players. They give a taste of casino gambling while staying within the law. Online platforms may soon be legalized in the state, bringing a diverse and vibrant gambling scene.

Currently, legal online platform options in New York are limited to social casinos. These platforms have casino-style games like table games and slot machines, but you can’t bet real money. This allows players to enjoy a casino-like experience within the state’s legal framework.

Which Games Should Be Available After Legalization?

After the expected legalization of casino in New York, players anticipate a broad range of gaming options:

  • Table Games. You can expect classic games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. They offer an experience similar to what you would find in a regular casino.
  • Online Slot Machines. The online slots should have a mix of traditional and modern video slots. They should come with different themes and features.
  • Live Dealer Games. The live casino games will have popular options like blackjack and roulette. The games have real-time gaming with live dealers. This combines the convenience of online play with the immersive experience of a live casino.

Potential Impact of Online Casino Legalization

The legalization of online casinos in New York presents significant economic opportunities. The financial impact is enormous. Projections show $2.3 to $3.1 billion in revenue in year one. By year five, it could be $4.3 billion. This move could bring in twice as much tax revenue as legal sports betting. It would inject a lot of money into the state’s economy. Moreover, the shift could redirect $4 billion lost to illegal markets each year back into New York’s legal economy. The impact goes beyond just money and will significantly change the state’s finances.

Economic Revenue

This prediction is not just a guess but is based on accurate data and comparisons with similar markets.

  • Projected Revenue. According to Spectrum Gaming, the New York online casino market could make $2.3 to $3.1 billion in its first year. It could produce $3.6 to $4.3 billion by its fifth year. 
  • Comparative Success of iGaming. States with legal iGaming have shown that online casinos generate double the tax revenue of all legal betting in the country. In 2021, iGaming in six states achieved milestones, indicating its lucrative potential​​.
  • Impact on State Finances. Lawmakers in New York are considering the economic benefits of gambling to close budget gaps. Mobile sports wagering brought in $729 million to the state in the fiscal year 2022-23, more than doubled from the previous year​​. The success of mobile betting is a clear indicator of the potential financial impact of iGaming.
  • Tax Revenue Projections. Under the proposed legislation, online casinos would be taxed at 30.5%. The rate is estimated to net about a billion dollars in revenue after the first year of operation​​.
  • Comparative Analysis with Other States. According to Howard Glaser, an official from Light and Wonder, iGaming generates more revenue than betting. Casinos are predicted to have a significant financial impact.
  • Loss of Revenue to Illegal Markets. Senator Joseph Addabbo highlighted how New York is missing out on revenue because iGaming is illegal. Illegal markets and other states benefit instead. He thinks that about $4 billion is lost every year. It includes $600 million to unlawful markets and money lost from people betting outside the state.

In summary, the legalization of online gambling in New York is not just a matter of expanding gaming options for residents. It presents a big chance for the state. It could bring in billions of dollars and greatly help the state’s finances.

Player Protection

With the legalization in New York of casinos, player protection will be a crucial aspect. Ensuring a safe and responsible gaming environment is paramount. To help with problem gambling, we use self-exclusion programs, deposit limits, and provide support. Such regulations are critical in maintaining a sustainable and ethical gaming industry.

Land-Based Casinos

A common concern is that the legalization of casinos could threaten the business of land casinos. However, experiences from other states suggest otherwise.

  • Pennsylvania. Despite initial concerns in Pennsylvania, online and land-based casinos have thrived post-legalization. Before the pandemic, online gaming revenue was already increasing, making up 10.5% of total gaming revenue. Online gaming became popular when land casinos were restricted, but land-based revenues almost recovered after the restrictions ended. Online payment made up more than 30% of the state’s gaming revenue by early 2021. Likewise, online and traditional gaming work well together.
  • New Jersey. In New Jersey, revenue from land-based gaming bounced back after the initial pandemic shutdowns. During the lockdown, online gaming revenue increased significantly compared to the total gaming revenue. It used to be about 20%. Even though land casinos opened again, online gaming continued to grow. 
  • Michigan. The launch of online gaming in Michigan led to more money from gambling, with tribal operators being critical. So, tribal and commercial casinos benefit from adding online gaming. It helps the overall market without harming each other.

Final Thoughts

The potential legalization of online casinos in New York is a watershed moment for the state’s economy and gaming sector. It promises substantial economic benefits, with projections indicating billions in potential income. Such an increase could help the state’s finances by using a lively, untapped market. 

Pennsylvania and New Jersey show that online and land casinos work together and help the gaming industry. New York’s land-based establishments gain much from evolution without much to fear.

The focus on player protection is crucial. Providing safe and responsible gaming practices is paramount as the state embraces a new era. Legalizing online casinos in New York will bring economic growth and modern gambling choices.

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