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Finger Lakes Land Trust and Nature Conservancy plant 700 trees in Ontario County

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In a collaborative effort to enhance environmental sustainability, the Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT) in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy has successfully planted 700 native trees in Manchester, Ontario County. This reforestation project aims to establish a natural buffer between farmlands and adjacent wetlands, promoting the conservation of local ecosystems.

The joint initiative brought together staff from both organizations, with funding provided by The Nature Conservancy to advance tree planting activities within New York State. The diversity of species planted, including red oak, red maple, and American sycamore, is expected to not only improve water quality by filtering agricultural runoff but also contribute to carbon sequestration efforts, addressing climate change concerns.

The project complements the broader conservation mission of the FLLT, which recently acquired the Manchester property through a donation, conditioned on the sale of the land with a conservation easement in place. These easements are designed to protect the natural resources of the land while keeping it privately owned, used for agriculture, and open for hunting. Proceeds from the land’s sale will support ongoing conservation work by the FLLT, which has safeguarded over 30,000 acres in the region to date. For more information about regional conservation efforts and outdoor activities, visitors can explore and