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Community wants answers as investigation into assault by members of Clyde-Savannah football team continues

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Clyde-Savannah High School is embroiled in controversy as allegations of an assault involving varsity football players have prompted an investigation.

A concerned parent, whose identity has been protected, has voiced worries about the broader implications for the team, fearing unwarranted backlash against players who were not present during the incident.

This parent recently spoke to News10NBC and has spoken out about the perceived “family-like” culture of the team, pitting it against allegations of bullying within the district.

Amidst the situation, school officials and local authorities have been tight-lipped, as Mayor Jerry Fremouw expressed the community’s dismay and urged patience due to the active investigation.

We as a village are saddened, surprised, and disappointed with the events/alleged accusations surrounding our school district. Be advised that this is an active investigation. Due to the sensitivity, and ages of those involved with this investigation we cannot comment any further at this time. We would like to thank all law enforcement officials who have been involved, spent many hours, and are continuing to, with a difficult task at hand. At this point if you have any details, questions, or video footage concerning this matter please contact The Clyde police department. You can be assured that when we can, without jeopardizing the case, we (The village and law enforcement involved) will release a full statement. It is imperative that everyone remembers that this IS an active investigation prior to commenting.

– Statement from Jerry Fremouw, Clyde Village Mayor as public concerns reach tipping point.

Meanwhile, the school district has made the decision to cancel the remainder of the football season, which included a key sectional playoff game, following the surfacing of a Snapchat video allegedly showing the assault of an underclassman.

The investigation, led by Clyde Police, State Police, and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, has left the community rife with rumors and concerns for the safety and reputation of uninvolved students.

The district is planning a parent forum to address the situation, and Superintendent Michael Hayden has communicated the cancellation of the season to parents, highlighting disciplinary actions while citing the ongoing investigation.

Despite the urgency of the issue, the school board has maintained its 10-day policy for public commentary at meetings, leaving some parents frustrated at the lack of immediate avenues to address their concerns.